Redirecting intention since the stoneage

W8ing4UFOs is a band from Atlanta, Georgia.

Before the Law

She’s a mess.  We should start with a scene. We should write about Billy Ray’s future.  What’s he gonna do with all that money?   That’s not enough money to live on, but it’s enough to change him. 

They met at a gig.  She wants to be a singer. She plays guitar--that’s why she took off her ring and dropped it in his cup. 

OK.  We have to get started.  We have to make a decision, like at the end of The Graduate.  How far is Missouri from the boarder of Mexico?  You can’t imagine them flying.  Maybe riding motorbikes.  He’s her true love, Billy Ray that is.

Hudson River School

Answer now first, before second

We are one woman short of 80

These psycho-social things make me ask

Why was the naked guy running?

Who can tell us the story of the stolen violin?

I am talking blue prints and skeletons

To put you in my shoes, running toward the woods

Where I can get a larger number

It’s a pain for me too and I ask for your indulgence

Thank you.


John Haskell will come to tonight’s show at the Masquerade.  The Swedish trumpet player will be like: Is that the real John Haskell?  And I’ll be like: vestiges of tails appear in all us.


How to be a person like other people

Move into a house with a bunch of Texas hippies

Write a book about  psoriasis

Get a PG rating on the picture

Love the girl you can’t get

Love the girl you can

Try to kill the father figure of the first

Kill the father figure of the last

Open a few doors for several unknowns

Wait 7 to 8 years 


Listen for the heartbeats coming from the rubble.

Everything is yes, but number 4 is no.

When they say "Welcome to Forsyth," they don't mean it.

It's not your fault, but we are stuck with it.

The Seeing Machine

We are at war with the insidious seeing machine. We seek ways to blind it.  We try and we fail.  Billy convinced us to keep trying.  But applications of radioactive ink have led to mixed results. Brian became invisible, experienced no ill side effects, but was only invisible for 12 hours.  Bill applied radioactive ink to his hands, became ill.  The cost of his sickness exceeded the benefit of his invisible hands.